Iki beer 生 生姜啤酒 / IKI Beer mit Ginger 5.5%Vol 330ml



The new Iki Beer, the Iki Ginger and its aromas of green tea and ginger. Iki Ginger is a delicious Japanese-inspired amber beer, containing organic green tea, but flavored with ginger. In order to achieve this result, the Brewery called on a starred chef to find an innovative and exotic taste, and to recall the Asian origins of this beer. Iki Ginger is therefore perfectly suited to pair with Asian dishes, even spicy and spicy. The soft and balanced texture of this organic green tea beer combines perfectly with peppers, curry or other exotic spices present in this beer, but without altering the taste. The Iki Beer Ginger is therefore ideal for those accustomed to Asian flavors, but also a great opportunity to learn about the exotic flavors of this region of the world.

MHD 05.2023

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